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  • The Dead Meat - Jason and Joey of Bad Luck 13

    If haven't already heard Jason (vocalist) and Joey (bass) of Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza are back again in the hardcore mix with their latest project, The Dead Meat. Their debut LP, "Dawn Of The Dead Meat" released in October of 2004 (Off The Rail Records), will bludgeoned you with it's brutal guitar work and stabbing rhythms, stitched together with sickening dual vocal disharmonies. For more [...]

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    2 Street Scum of Bad Luck 13 Will Be Missed

    On Tuesday February 22nd 2005 Jonathan R. Beidell aka "2 Street Scum" of Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza passed away suddenly at the age of 26 while in the studio recording new music with his side project. Jonathan was in the Bad Luck 13 for 4 years and performed on Bad Luck 13's first two albums "Bats On the Dance Floor" and "We Kill Children." Resurrection A.D. Records would like to send our [...]

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    Ernie Cortez Loses Battle with Cancer

    Ernie Cortez founding member and bassist for Powerhouse passed away on December 16th, 2004 from Prostate Cancer at the age of 37. Ernie was diagnosed with Prostate Caner in late 2003 which unfortunately spread throughout his body over the past year. Our hearts and prays goes out to Cortez family and Powerhouse. There will be a memorial show on April 16th at Gilman Street in San Francisco, CA [...]

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