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    You know the feeling that you have when you slide on an unwashed pair of pants, dig inside the pockets and find a whole handful of change which could include some quarters and the ten dollar bill you had lost last week? That feeling of exhilaration and upbeat happiness is also what you will experience when listening to Pocket Change … an energetic flow of Californian Emo/Pop/Punk.

    The band began in 1993 under a different name, but quickly had to change it when news hit the group that there was already a punk band with the same exact name. The name Pocket Change was actually taken from a song that The Big Drill Car once wrote which is actually one of the bands biggest influences. At the time of birth, Pocket Change consisted of Marty Sertich (Guitar), brother Matt Sertich (Vocals, Bass), Kirk Janowiak (Drums), and Danny Wiese (Guitar, Vocals). In about six months into the bands’ young life, Danny decided to drop out of the band leaving Matt, Marty, and Kirk to carry the torch for the next few years as a three piece. When 1997 came around, the trio recruited 2nd guitarist Mike Fernandez. Since Mike was known for his involvement in many various HardCore and Punk bands, the groups decision, was an easy unanimous vote in bringing Mike into the picture.

    Since the beginning of Pocket Change to the present time, the band has collected much lint from being in the core of the California Punk scene. Pocket Change has been known to be seen up on stage with acts such as Sublime, Save Ferris, Jawbreaker, Fifteen, Down By Law, The Offspring, AFI, Royal Crown Revue, Face To Face, Samiam, and Cake. Between 1993 and the present day, the band has recorded 3 demos and one full length CD named “Golden” which was recorded in three days at Pus Cavern North (which resides nestled in the Northern Highlands of California.) Since 1998 when the CD was recorded, Pocket Change has attracted many rave reviews from such magazines as Heckler and Maximum Rock N’ Roll. Soon after they had realized that they had gained much popularity, their next step as a group was to find a record company to help them distribute their debut full length, “Golden”. And with much success and hunting, “Golden” and Pocket Change had literally nestled it’s way into the pockets of Resurrection A.D. Records.

    So next time you go to put on those old stinky pants that haven’t been washed in a while, don’t feel bad because they may just hold something a little bit more enjoyable than lint.        


  • Band Members

    • Mike – Vocals/Guitar
    • Kirk - Drums
    • Marty – Guitar
    • Matt - Bass
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