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    In late 1995 on a desert road during a West Coast Tour, an idea shared amongst four friends was passed to one another that changed HardCore Music as we know it today. That idea was to let go of a band that was 10 years strong, a band that had made a permanent mark in the world of HardCore Music, a band that performed and toured with such legendary Acts such as Uniform Choice, Token Entry, Murphy’s Law, 7-Seconds, The Circle Jerks and that’s just to name a few. That band was Hogans Heroes and I can only sum them up by quoting Kent McLard of "No Answers" Fanzine when he wrote, "Hogans Heroes is a true affirmation to the greatness of HardCore Music. "After being signed to the San Francisco based label New Red Archives Records, Hogans Heroes released 3 full length CD’s and appeared on 2 HardCore Compilations that are distributed worldwide.

    The band knowing it was time to move on, laid Hogans Heroes to rest with there final release "Uncle Ben" a 4 song 7" on Resurrection A.D. Records. Arising from the ashes to keep the true meaning of HardCore alive, we present to you OS101. Old School 101 derived from the working class, have carried with them the value of family, respect and hard work.

    Their debut self titled 6 song CD EP on Resurrection A.D. Records reaps the rewards of positive-consciousness, allowing the inner strength of the individuals to come shinning through.

    The retribution of Posi-Powered HardCore has begun, The United Brotherhood of Scenesters grows stronger everyday and OS101 will spread "The True Meaning of HardCore" to the kids of the world - "Start with your heart and the rest will follow".        

  • Band Members

    • Skip Skool - vocals
    • Detroit - drums
    • The King - bass
    • Johnny Miami - guitar
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