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    We present to you the premiere San Diego HardCore band, BUILT TO LAST! Built To Last is made up of five individuals with most significant similarities being creating music, living the HardCore life style and working hard to fulfill their dreams.

    Built To Last emerged on the California HardCore Scene in 1995, displaying a positive mix of west and east coast energy. In 1996, they released their debut full length CD “Loyalty & Betrayal” which put Built To Last and San Diego HardCore on the map. With the much success of their debut release, Built To Last developed a loyal HardCore following on west & east coasts, and decided it was time to release their follow up CD with Resurrection A.D. Records.

    In the Fall of 97, Built To Last debut on Resurrection A.D. Records with their “S/T” CD ep release. This aggressive 6 song Posi-Powered ep deals with such topics as past friendships, personal issues and the HardCore life style. The music has been compared to the likes of Gorilla Biscuits, Warzone and Madball with a touch of west coast flavor.        

  • Band Members

    • Aaron - drums
    • Freddie - bass
    • Dave - guitar
    • Burt - vocals
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