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    Since the band's formation in 1998, Arson has lit the NJ hardcore scene ablaze with their aggressive mix of old school classic heavy metal (think 80s Slayer-like guitar riffs), throaty vocals and hardcore style. Arson has become infamous for its creativity and passion, toying with different sounds to create their own unique blend of styles. The band consists of members Anthony Ezzi (vocals), Garrett Bussanick (Guitar), Keith Dilliplane (Guitar), Kyle Hasselbrink (Bass) and Keith Hasselbrink (Drums).

    Arson released its first CD EP, Words Written in Blood, in 1999, followed soon after in 2000 with their 7" EP, Less Perfect Than Death. Words Written in Blood remained in the Top 50 on CMJ & FMQB Loud Rock Charts in March and April of 2000. "... It's a knock-down, drag out metal juggernaut… each tune is like a nail in the listener's skull, bludgeoning with its relentless intensity," stated a review from Rockpile.com. To confirm this assertion, CMJ New Music Report said of Arson's debut CD, the band "…uses twin guitar tactic in its gore-core assault, applying death metal speed to its hardcore-style breakdowns." The band continues to support both of their releases with persistent touring throughout the East Coast.

    Arson established and defined their sound in 2002 when they released their debut full length album, Lacerate The Sky. Recorded in the now legendary Trax East Recording Studio (Hatebreed, Dillinger Escape Plan, God Forbid) and released on Resurrection A.D. Records, this album produced a slower but undoubtedly more refined style of metal and hardcore, combined with sincere emotion, dark lyrics and various technical elements. "The breakdowns make you want to beat someone to death with your fists, its just utterly incredible," declared a review from Fromthepit.com. This album lit up charts from CMJ to FMQB to the Album Network throughout early 2002. Not only that, the cover art for this cd won Best Cover Art for 2002 by Derek and Ronin on HitthePit.com.

    The fun doesn't stop there. Further accomplishments from Arson include playing in 2000, 2003, and 2004 in the March Metal Meltdown throughout NJ and featured songs on Resurrection A.D.'s Sampler cds in 2000, 2001, and 2002. Even more, the band won the '2002 Pit Stain Award' by HitthePit.com.

    Arson is a mere 6 years old and has already made noteworthy accomplishments in the music scene, and these guys are just getting started. Their passion for the art of music, their message, on-stage energy and their fans drive this creative quintet to keep going strong. As the members of the band would say, for Arson, the future holds no boundaries. A review from megakungfu.com may have summed up the future of Arson most accurately, saying, "Be prepared for a dynamic force to be reckoned with." But be cautious, playing with fire is guaranteed to be dangerous, but it is also guaranteed to be addictive.         

  • Band Members

    • Band Members
    • Kyle - bass
    • Keith - drums
    • Ken - guitar
    • Anthony - vocals
    • Keith - guitar
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