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    Truth is at the core of everything Synthetic 16 has ever done. Breaking the barrier of aggressive rock music with its incredible live shows, Synthetic 16 integrates “lushly orchestrated ballads, buoyantly playful alternative songs and introspective ruminations”. The New York band was formed in the spring of 1999, with the vision of creating a new dimension to the New York City rock scene. Synthetic 16 brings years of experience to their songwriting and performing with members coming from previous projects such as Lament, Shutdown, Small Craft Sighting, and Tonystark.

    Times have been very good for Synthetic 16, as their debut album, “Your Water” reached the masses and the critics with astounding praise. Within one year of the release, Synthetic 16 had been charted with heavy rotation in every major college market in the United States, as well as commercial radio on each coast. The momentum led to the band being promoted as a headlining act at music conferences throughout the East Coast, and as the main act for the New York City launch of the American Express Blue Music Card.

    With the release of their 4-song self-titled EP in February of 2002, Synthetic 16 continued to gain more notoriety as one of New York’s premier rock acts by playing the Meadowlands Sports Arena twice in 2002, in conjunction with Clear Channel, Q104.3FM, and Jagermeister. In the summer of 2002 three songs by Synthetic 16 were featured in (and performed by the band) in the off Broadway production, “Rockstars NYC”. In September of the same year Synthetic 16 were the featured artists of the M.E.A.N.Y Music Festival kick off party, and an invited performer at the 1st Annual Dewey Beach Music Festival.

    Synthetic 16 spent 2003 headlining New York City clubs such as CBGB’s, The Knitting Factory, The Continental and rare acoustic performances at CBGB’s Gallery. By the end of 2003 Synthetic 16 recorded their anticipated follow up album, “Too Far Along”. The album illustrates the bands musical roots, as well as their growth as individuals and as a band.

    Now, in 2004, two of Synthetic 16'S songs have been featured in the Sundance Film Festival selected film “lbs.” The movie has recently been picked up by Showtime and will be aired this fall, accompanied by the release of a full-length soundtrack. The movie and soundtrack have a balanced mix of where Synthetic 16 began over five years ago (with one song from “Your Water”) and demonstrates how far they have come (with the other song from “Too Far Along”). With the release of the movie and soundtrack in the fall, Synthetic 16'S is bound to get the same attention from the masses, as they have consistently received from festivals, labels, and clubs over the years.          

  • Band Members

    • Adam - guitar
    • Jon - vocals
    • Pete - guitar
    • Wayne - drums
    • Tommy - bass
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