• Synthetic 16 Record Release Party

  • Synthetic 16 is very excited for the record release party coming up this month. In order to celebrate the release of "Too Far Along", all stops have been pulled out for a special night and you and all of your friends are formally invited to attend for FREE! Appearing on Friday, April 29th, a special performance at Sin-e in NYC, located at 150 Attorney Street between Stanton and Houston (for additional info please call 212 388-0077). Synthetic 16 wants to welcome everyone on the mailing list first and guarantee FREE ADMISSION to all mailing lists recipients to all of you and whoever you would like to bring to this big night! In order to facilitate the mailing lists members, if you reply between now and April 28th you will be put on a guest list and entry will be ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED for you and your guests.(please try to keep guests to a reasonable minimum in order to meet the clubs maximum occupancy regulations). While this will be open to the general public and free admission will be given all night, the band wants to guarantee your admission and not have you shut out to over crowding. Those of you not familiar with Sin-e might not be aware of how small it is, so you might want to consider signing up if you can attend.

    The night will feature special host Carmine Famiglietti, star of the upcoming feature film "LBS." and performances by Running like Thieves, Liquid Carousel, and Dopermien. With Dan from Dopermien as DJ for the entire evening playing cool music and a bunch of giveaways and promos and much more! New merchandise such as promo's, t-shirts, and the new EP will be on sale as well. Doors will be opening at 8:00 and more info will be coming up. For more information please visit Synthetic 16 website: www.s16music.com.