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  • Arson Featured on Sound Proof Walls Compliation

    Arson’s “My Empty Grave” from their album “Lacerate The Sky” will be featured on Sound Proof Walls Compilation. The compilation was conceived by Reggie Strazzella, bass player for Sacred Hatred and the editor StartMoshing.com e-zine. The cd contains 11 killer tracks from such bands as Sacred Hatred, Parkwaydrive, As We Fight, Flat Earth Society, December Aeternalis, [...]

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    Synthetic 16 &quote;Too Far Along&quote; CD EP Release

    Synthetic 16 will be releasing their "Too Far Along" cd ep Friday April 29th at their release party at Sin-e in New York City. If you can't catch their release party you can buy "Too Far Along" at our online store.  

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    Synthetic 16 Record Release Party

    Synthetic 16 is very excited for the record release party coming up this month. In order to celebrate the release of "Too Far Along", all stops have been pulled out for a special night and you and all of your friends are formally invited to attend for FREE! Appearing on Friday, April 29th, a special performance at Sin-e in NYC, located at 150 Attorney Street between Stanton and Houston (for [...]

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